The Project

The evolution of technology in the last decades significantly changed the music industry making very expensive gear accessible to everybody and allowing many great artists to stand out. VSTs, synthesizers, drum machines, analog gear, digital gear, it’s a world where it is quite easy to get lost.

About one year ago, I decided to start a challenging project, to build a home-made synthesizer using an unusual technology. I know, there are plenty of very good DIY commercial kits and with some soldering experience you can get your “own” synthesizer. But what is the difference between buying a ready-to-use synth and soldering some components on a third party project? I wanted to design and build something unique. Even though the initial plan was to use it to generate random sounds for live DJ performance, I was quite surprised by the sound quality and I decided to invest more time to obtain a reliable and stable product. The result of this work was called “The Tiny Synth” for its limited dimensions. And then I told my self “why not trying to make some music with it?” That’s how Synthworks was born, six simple tracks made to explore the tiny synth capabilities.

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